Our services

Our mission is to provide the highest standard care to you and your family. We are committed to promote well being and disease prevention. We pride ourselves on our services and our doctors are continually pursuing excellence in medicine and surgery through their work and study.

Bulk Billing
The Boorowa Medical Centre bulk-bills all medical consultations. No patient with a Medicare card will experience out-of-pocket costs.

Extended Consultation Hours
The Boorowa Medical Centre is open 5 days a week from 9am - 7.30pm for your convenience. 

Midwifery Services including Children Immunisation and Health Checks
On Wednesday & Thursdays, our centre offers maternal and children services to patients including health checks and immunisations.

On-Site Pathology Collection
On Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9-11am, Kirkwood Laverty's Pathology on-site collection centre is open for any patient needing a range of pathology services.

.Foot Care
Our foot-care nurses provide basic foot-care services to clients who are in good health but have difficulty managing their feet. 

This service is currently available Wednesdays & Thursdays.

Telehealth & Phone Conference
Provides patients with direct access to Australian specialists using video conferencing. Several specialists are consulting by telehealth and the list of specialists utilising this technology is expected to build. Teleconferencing can be organised in a specific consulting room with the required computer, Skype and a practice nurse in attendance to assist with the consult.

Home Visits
For existing local area only patients, medically unable to attend or physically access the surgery, home visits can be booked at the discretion of the treating doctor.

Men & Women Health Checks
The Boorowa Medical Centre promote and encourage men & women health checks that include pap smears, breast checks, testicular checks, prostate screening and follow-up care. 

Aged Care Services
The Boorowa Medical Centre services all aged care facilities in Boorowa with routine visits to the centres. 

Blood Pressure Checks
Our Practice Nurse is able to monitor your BP without appointment needed. 

Mental Health Care
Our GP's have undertaken specialist Mental Health training to help cater to the needs of those suffering a mental illness and ensure the help they may need is accessed quickly and safely.

Skin Checks & Basic Cosmetic Surgery
Cryotherapy and removal of moles and other lesions is available to all patients. Basic skin checks are also encouraged.

Health Assessments
Our GP's and Practice Nurses are able to assess the following patients:

  • a Healthy Kids Check for children who are aged at least 3 years and less than 5 years of age, who have received or who are receiving their 4 year old immunisation
  • a health assessment for people aged 45-49 years who are at risk of developing chronic disease
  • a type 2 diabetes risk evaluation for people aged 40-49 years with a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes as determined by the Australian Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment Tool
  • a health assessment for people aged 75 years and older
  • a comprehensive medical assessment for permanent residents of residential aged care facilities
  • a health assessment for people with an intellectual disability
  • a health assessment for refugees and other humanitarian entrants


Vaccination is the most significant public health intervention in the last 200 years, providing a safe and efficient way to prevent the spread of many diseases that cause hospitalisation, serious ongoing health conditions and sometimes death.

Immunisation protects people against harmful infections before they come into contact with them in the community. Immunisation uses the body’s natural defence mechanism – the immune response – to build resistance to specific infections. Immunisation helps communities to stay healthy by reducing the incidence of serious infections.

Most vaccines are administered by injection. Some are administered orally.

Our practice Nurses are able to assist all patients in immunisations including Children's Vaccinations as per the Australian Immunisation Program.

Work Cover Assessments
If you become injured during a workplace accident, our GP's are qualified to work with you to see you return to work. 

Travel Medicine & Vaccines
If you are travelling overseas, our GP's are able to assist you in planning for your journey to ensure you are fully vaccinated and safe to travel. 

Quit Smoking Assistance
Our GP's are able to you help you begin your journey of quitting and also provide assistance throughout when needed.

ECG / Cardiac Services
Any patient needing an ECG is able to have it done at our centre without having to attend a hospital for the procedure. 

Drug & Alcohol Assistance
If you are suffering a drug or alcohol problem, our GP's are able to assist you on receiving the help you need including referring to rehab services. 

Ear Toileting & Wax Removal
By appointment, our Practice Nurses are able to remove wax build up in children & adults via a safe ear syringing method. 

Sexual Health Screening
Available for both male & females, we provide private and confidential screening for patients including information on sexual health, STDs, contraception and screening. 

Bowel / Breast / Cervical Cancer Screening
Our centre offers free screening for bowel, breast and cervical screening for all aged male & females with routine checks to ensure patient health is not compromised. 

Closing the Gap Program
The Boorowa Medical Centre is part of the closing gap program and strive to ensure Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander patients health is continually improving. 

Employment / Driving Assessments
Our centre offers all patients the ability to undertake employment and driving assessments at no out of pocket expense. 

If you have any suggestions for services that we do not currently offer, please let one of our staff members know and we will endeavor to offer these services in the future. If you require an appointment please phone 02 63 853 600.